Vibra Lite Reminder watch Mini Vibra Lite 12 white
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Reminder watch Mini Vibra Lite 12 white

  • Max 12 alarms/day (sound and/or vibration)
  • Different colors available
  • Splashproof (3 ATM)
  • From wrist circumference 12.7 cm
  • Reminder for timed voiding
  • Reminder for medication intake
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  • Multiple reminders during the day
  • Very effective and helpful
  • Straps available in many colors
  • Easy to install

Reminder watch Mini Vibra Lite 12, white

Most suitable for children due to size, 12 alarm moments and vibration function!!

Does your child also find playing much more fun than peeing? In itself logical, but if the urination is held up too long, it can cause accidents. There is unnecessary peeing in the pants. Unnecessary, because if it had "just" listened to the bladder, she wouldn't have peed her pants.

This beautiful, child-friendly watch is a handy tool to help your child pee on time throughout the day. No fewer than 12 different alarm times per day can be programmed. More than enough to remind her to pee in time.

12 alarm moments per day

You determine the number of alarm moments yourself, of course, but you can program up to 12 of them. You can also choose from 3 types of alarm signals: vibrate, sound and a combination of both.

The alarm signal is silenced by pressing any button. If nothing is pressed, the alarm will turn off automatically after 20 seconds.

Automatic countdown

In addition to the alarm moments that can be programmed, this watch also offers a countdown function. Allows you to set an interval every how many minutes the alarm should sound. For example, every 90 minutes informing your child that they have to pee in the toilet.

Other functionalities and features

* Ideal for children
* Easy to set up
* Lighting, very handy in the dark
* 12 hours display
* Suitable for wrist size of 12.7 - 18.7 cm
* Accuracy per month: +/- 30 seconds
* CE approval
* 1 year warranty (excluding the battery)