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Causes of bedwetting in adults

Even more so than in children, bedwetting in adults is an extremely sensitive subject. It creates a feeling of shame and insecurity, even though it is more common than you think.

The fact that you still experience urination accidents during sleep as an adult may have several causes:

  • Stress; in private or at work.
  • Medical intervention; After an operation, for example, bedwetting can occur.
  • Hereditary; Perhaps you also had difficulty with this as a child or it occurred to you later.
  • Trauma; due to very unpleasant experiences or the loss of loved ones.
  • Mental illness; forms of borderline PDD-NOS, ADD/ADHD etc.

The first step you should take is to go to your doctor. This allows you to talk about it without shame and look at possible solutions.

Bedwetting solutions for adults

A frequently heard piece of advice is to urinate regularly during the day and set an alarm to go to the toilet at night. This will reduce the complaints, but it does not address the problem. Using a bedwetting alarm can help you recognize the stimuli of a full bladder during sleep. This is quite simple and super effective.

When using the bedwetting alarm, an alarm sounds immediately after the first drops of urine are urinated. You wake up with a start, feel like you have to pee and go to the toilet to finish peeing. By repeating this in succession every day, the brain will make the connection between waking up and the feeling of a full bladder. This is also called the wake-up reflex.

If there are no physical causes, bedwetting alarm training can ensure that you wake up in time to go to the toilet within a few months.

There are various bedwetting alarms that offer you a solid solution.

Contessa bedwetting alarm

  • This bedwetting alarm has been a successful solution for adults for a long time
  • Has a loud, harsh tone for deep sleepers. The volume can be adjusted from completely off to very loud
  • If you have difficulty waking up due to noise, you can also add a vibrating element (you place this under the pillow and it is connected to the receiver with a long wire).
  • In addition to buying, it is also possible to rent this alarm clock (ideal to try but a sustainable choice anyway)

Liberty bedwetting alarm

  • The newest bedwetting alarm in our range
  • Choose from 10 different loud alarms and different volume settings
  • Can also be expanded with a vibrating element (wireless!) as an additional alarm signal
  • The transmitter has a rechargeable battery

Silent, discreet bedwetting alarm

  • Our Liberty, but without sound
  • Consists of only the rechargeable transmitter and the wireless vibrating element
  • Ideal for discreet training if you are hearing impaired, deaf or afraid of loud noise

Sensor underwear or sensor bed mat?

To signal urination, the bedwetting alarm uses sensor underwear or a sensor bed mat. A transmitter is clicked on here and as soon as the first drops are detected, the alarm goes off.

The advantage of sensor underwear is the fact that it fits directly against the body and therefore little urine is needed to trigger the alarm. These underpants are available per model (Women's or Men's) in 3 colors and in sizes S to XXL.

The sensor bed mat needs a little more urine to trigger the alarm, so this takes a little longer. The advantage is that you do not have to sleep with other underwear. This is a comfortable and popular solution, especially if urination accidents do not occur daily.

Reimbursement through your insurance

If you have an additional package with your health insurance, you may be eligible for (full) reimbursement for the bedwetting alarm. With most supplementary insurance policies you are entitled to a one-off reimbursement per insurance period, which can amount to a very interesting discount. We can also declare this reimbursement for you with some health insurers and you do not have to pay it in advance. Very handy.

Consult our tool and see what reimbursement your insurer offers.

No compensation? Annoying, but we are happy to help you. Renting is often the cheapest solution and also useful to experience whether the bedwetting alarm training is a suitable solution for you. Would you like a personal consultation? Please call 0297 760 001 and we will discuss the options.

Is there also a bedwetting alarm for the daytime?

In case of problems and frequent urination accidents during the day, our Apollo24 day alarm offers the desired solution for you. You can carry this alarm clock close and it is so small that it easily fits in your pocket. In terms of alarm, you can choose between sound, vibration or a combination of both, so again very discreet.
It is possible to wear your own underwear to use this bedwetting alarm. You then place a sensor insert in your underpants, which is linked to the alarm clock. Instead of inserts it is also possible to use the special sensor pants.