Women's underwear with a hidden solution against urine loss

Many ladies have to deal with it; unwanted urine loss. It happens spontaneously, but also while laughing or sneezing and during exercise. An annoying problem that often causes uncertainty, a feeling of shame and frustration.

In addition, you are also dependent on special incontinence underwear. It is difficult to find incontinence underwear that is also beautiful, trendy and of this time. UnderWunder is a Dutch brand for special but modern underwear. Unlike many other brands, it is elegantly fashionable underwear, but with a hidden solution inside.

UnderWunder absorbs an average of 125 ml in 4 hours. This is not a full bladder, but it is more than enough to collect splashes and drops of urine during the day. This underwear is specially designed for women who suffer from mild incontinence problems and is produced sustainably in Portugal.

Use of incontinence underwear for adults

The models have a normal fit. The UnderWunder size chart provides additional clarification for finding the desired fit.

When is the incontinence underwear suitable for you to use?

  • In case of minor urination accidents or if you are regularly late to the toilet
  • To ensure that urine loss is not visible on the outside of your clothing
  • At times when you want that little bit of extra security
  • Offers super comfort during (carefree) exercise

UnderWunder also provides daytime comfort and protection during the light days of menstruation (can also be used in addition to tampons and/or sanitary towels).

Various models of incontinence underwear

Thanks to the trendy design and the invisible absorbent crotch, no one will notice that you are wearing incontinence underwear. Thanks to the high quality (95% cotton and 5% elastane), it is also very comfortable. We offer various models: Sports briefs, Hip briefs, Waist briefs and Maxi briefs. Depending on the model, these are available in sizes 36 to 54.

Other important facts about incontinence underwear for women and men:

  • UnderWunder also largely neutralizes unpleasant urine odors
  • The underwear is delivered discreetly
  • Once received, you can try the underwear on over your current underwear (otherwise it cannot be exchanged for free)