Did you know that in primary school, an average of 2 to 3 children per class wet their beds? Bedwetting is probably much more common than you think and fortunately it can be tackled almost always quite quickly.

We explain the various solutions against bedwetting, such as medication, calendar method and bladder training, elsewhere on our site. Now we will discuss the bedwetting alarm method, because many scientific studies show that this is the best solution against bedwetting.

The bedwetting alarm is a training tool to learn to wake up on time at night when you need to go to the bathroom. There are many models on offer and they are all basically the same. An alarm will sound the moment your child starts to urinate. Hence the name bedwetting alarm. Yet there are very big differences and this is also visible in the success rate. What are the most important differences?

First, how quickly does the alarm go off? The less urine required the better. The bladder is still full and your child will make a link between waking up and the feeling of a full bladder. Secondly, what do you do if it turns out that your child urinates several times a night and therefore the alarm goes off even often? Those broken nights are far too tiring and cannot be sustained by anyone. Expert advice will solve this. And what do you do if your child does not wake up quickly and properly from the alarm? Expert advice and guidance is also necessary here, otherwise there is no point in using the bedwetting alarm.

With the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training, the alarm always goes off quickly with the first drops of urine and you will be guided by an expert throughout the entire training. In this way, even the very deep sleeper learns to wake up quickly and well from the alarm and the alarm does not go off unnecessarily often during the night. All scientific studies confirm that this creates far the greatest chance of success.

Visible progress is made quickly and the broken nights are kept to a minimum. This keeps the motivation high and the full training is completed successfully. This way, within a few months you will have a child with much more self-confidence. The fact that the extra dirty laundry will quickly decrease is of course also a bonus...

Our success formula = Motivation + right bedwetting alarm + Expert Guidance

To start with, it is important that your child is motivated to get rid of bedwetting. Bedwetting is unconscious urination and to improve your child's awareness process, it is important that (s)he cooperates in the actions that need to be taken at night. This includes turning off the alarm yourself and going to the bathroom.

Then choosing the right bedwetting alarm . It is important that your child wakes up immediately from the alarm. If your child does not respond to the alarm, using the bedwetting alarm has no effect and nothing will be learned. We have also prepared a small test to discover which bedwetting alarm is most suitable for your child.

Maybe you know the stories of parents who say that their child was not woken up by the bedwetting alarm. Or have you had that experience yourself before? Perhaps you know the experiences of others that the training was far too tiring, which caused them to stop prematurely without any results. We dare to say that all these negative bedwetting alarm experiences were not supervised by Urifoon.

The big secret behind our successful training is the personal and expert guidance . Since 1954, we have been helping children to get rid of bedwetting as quickly as possible and more than 1 million children have already succeeded with our bedwetting alarm method!

In addition to medical specialists (such as urinary clinics), we are the only provider who provides expert and targeted guidance on the bedwetting alarm training. This way we help you and your child in a fun and effective way. The alarm does not go off unnecessarily often and your child does wake up quickly from the alarm. This makes progress visible quickly, motivation remains high and the chance of success is as high as possible. It is the fastest and best way to never let your child wet the bed again.

How nice is it that shame, fear of (school) camp, stress and overflowing laundry baskets can quickly become a thing of the past? Then your child will dare to sleep over, will feel better and the whole family will enjoy a carefree night's sleep. Every night.

Let us help your child: Stop bedwetting within 8 weeks

We would like to help you to get your child in charge of the bladder as quickly as possible. Also at night. We will work together: You as a parent, your child and the experts from Urifoon. We count on your motivation to use the bedwetting alarm every day during the training. What can you expect from us and our bedwetting alarm training?

  1. Selecting the most suitable bedwetting alarm
    Every child is different. We help you choose which bedwetting alarm suits your child best. 
  1. Goal-oriented approach
    You will receive periodic emails with tips and recommendations exactly when you need them during training. This makes progress visible quickly.
  1. Personal and expert guidance
    Our experts treat each training individually. You can contact one of our experts during office hours to discuss your child's training. 
  1. Unlimited advice and guidance
    Our experts will guide you and your child for as long as the road to dry nights lasts. 

After an average of 8 weeks you will have achieved the following:

  • Your child sleeps dry or wakes up on time when it has to go to the bathroom
  • Your child can enjoy sleepovers, slumber parties and/or (school) camp with confidence
  • A proud and happy child who feels better about itself
  • You and your child are better rested because you no longer suffer from broken nights
  • You experience less stress about your child's well-being and development
  • You no longer have frustrations about bedwetting
  • And last but not least, the washing machine no longer has to work overtime with all the dirty bedding.

Bedwetting alarm advice: What type of sleeper is your child?

Bedwetters generally have more difficulty waking up than peers who do not wet the bed. In order to provide the best advice on which bedwetting alarm is most suitable for waking your child quickly, we work with 3 types of sleepers: the normal sleeper, the deep sleeper and the very deep sleeper.

We have developed the most optimal bedwetting alarm for each type of sleeper. Are you unsure which type of sleeper your child is?
Then take the test below and after 4 questions you will immediately see which bedwetting alarm suits your child best.

Are our other bedwetting alarms a bad choice for your child? No. But it increases the change you will need some advices from 1 of our experts to ensure your child wakes up quickly and properly from the alarm.
Would you prefer personal advice to determine what is most suitable for your child? Call, email or app with our experts or start a live chat on workdays until 10:00 PM (CET, GMT+1).


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With Urifoon your child quickly becomes the master of his or her bladder.More than 1,000,000 children have already proven this. Is your child next?