The reasons why children wet their pants can be grouped in roughly 3 groups: 

  1. The child is much too focused on other things, simply forgetting to go to the bathroom. Until it is too late... 
  2. The child is nervous or excited about a certain event and wets its pants without noticing. 
  3. There may be physical causes, such as a small bladder or a urinary tract infection. If you suspect that this is the case, we recommend contacting your GP. 

No matter what the cause, try not to get angry with your child. It is not your child's intention to wet itself and it's already stressed about it enough. We recommend complementing it on days that it didn't wet itself instead. This will motivate both of you considerably.

What could also prove helpful, is agreeing on set bathroom breaks, what we call going to the bathroom on a set interval. These are set times on which it is mandatory for your child to go to the bathroom. This considerably reduces the risk of accidents. A very effective tool to assist in this is the bathroom watch.