Urifoon is a Dutch family business that has been helping children get rid of annoying bedwetting since 1954. We have helped over > 1,000,000 children successfully and we are super proud of that. Our success can be explained by recommending the right bedwetting alarm for your child, along with our unique expert guidance that teaches even the (very) deep sleeper to wake up on time when they need to pee. This is how we have helped several generations. Maybe you when you were a child? Check which bedwetting alarm is best suited for your child and start training soon. Then within a few weeks your child will also be the master of his or her bladder.
69 years
experience; the specialist since 1954
1,000,000+ children
helped with urinary problems
16 countries
globally active
9.7 customer rating
From 1,000+ real experiences
3.600+ children
sleep tonight with Urifoon