Urifoon is a Dutch family business that has been helping children get rid of annoying bedwetting since 1954. We have helped over > 1,000,000 children successfully and we are super proud of that. Our success can be explained by recommending the right bedwetting alarm for your child, along with our unique expert guidance that teaches even the (very) deep sleeper to wake up on time when they need to pee. This is how we have helped several generations. Maybe you when you were a child? Check which bedwetting alarm is best suited for your child and start training soon. Then within a few months your child will also be the master of his or her bladder.
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experience; the specialist since 1954
1,000,000+ children
helped with urinary problems
16 countries
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Bedwetting is an unfortunate problem. Thankfully it is relatively easy to treat.  Independent scientific research has demonstrated that training with a bedwetting alarm is the best remedy for bedwetting. Within a few months, your child will remain dry through the night! That's why many doctors advise a bedwetting alarm from Urifoon. So why continue buying expensive diapers? 

Urifoon has specialized in bedwetting alarm training since 1954. Together with many thousands of our clients, we have developed a bedwetting alarm training program featuring individual guidance. This has lead to striking results. Within 3 months, around 90% of our users are free of bedwetting! It has been scientifically proven that usage of a bedwetting alarm without guidance leads to considerably poorer results...

Our experience 
Children who are toilet-trained, who do not wet themselves during the day and who do not have any physical ailments can become free of bedwetting relatively easily. The child does not after all have any problems with urinating itself, but simply a problem with timing; he/she is toilet-trained and will not wet himself/herself during the day. Better timing of going to the toilet during sleeping hours can be learned easily with a bedwetting alarm!

What is unique about Urifoon? 

  • Our wide selection of bedwetting alarms offer a solution for every budget.
  • Expert, personal guidance during bedwetting alarm training from our specially trained professionals.
  • Sensor underwear for boys and girls (and also adults) in all regular sizes.
  • Our expert help desk is open daily from 9am to 5pm. 
  • The expertise center for Bedwetting in Meppel in the Netherlands, the leading organization in the area of anti-bedwetting training, works exclusively with Urifoon bedwetting alarms.

You can call us for advice during office hours on +31 (0)297 760 001.

In short, with Urifoon you're in trusted, professional hands - from the first contact to the moment at which the desired result is achieved.

Stopping bedwetting doesn't need to be done alone!