Your privacy is guaranteed

Urifoon processes your personal data for the acceptance of your order. Personal data may also be used for detecting illegal and/or criminal acts against Urifoon.

Change of address

Customers who make use of the option to rent are obliged to inform Urifoon of any change of address. As long as Urifoon has not received a change of address, you will be deemed to be living at the last address known to Urifoon and you will remain liable for the items ordered by you that have been delivered to the old address. By placing an order, you authorise Urifoon to request your data from the municipal population administration or other authorities, if necessary.

Email address

We only keep and use email addresses that are given directly to us or of which it is clear that they are provided to us to process. We use an email address exclusively for what it was given to us to use for and apart from that only for our own marketing or service purposes. We never provide email addresses to third parties for commercial purposes.

Urifoon reserves the right to make changes to this statement at any time.