Reliable mattress protector

When protecting bedding, the first thing that often comes to mind is a mattress protector . Depending on the size chosen, this protects the entire mattress or just the area around the hips. The latter model - also called a strip model - is the most handy and quickest to replace. For an active person while sleeping, it is better to choose a waterproof fitted sheet, which covers the entire mattress.
The strip models (disposable and washable) have 4 functional layers that absorb body moisture. The fitted sheets have a 100% water-repellent effect and therefore prevent urine from penetrating the mattress.

Suitable and applicable in various situations:

  • During periods of bedwetting (wetting accidents)
  • When using a bedwetting alarm
  • In case of excessive sweating
  • For incontinence problems
  • Around pregnancy/birth

The disposable mattress protectors are ideal for holidays.

Recommended protection for wet beds

In addition to the mattress, the duvet can also become wet in the event of pee accidents. Just like mattresses, duvets are expensive to purchase and are not easy to replace. Washing a duvet is time-consuming and you would rather not do it unnecessarily often.
The solution to this is water-repellent duvet covers . These protect the duvet and ensure that it does not get wet. The fabrics used make the duvet waterproof and at the same time just as breathable as a 'normal' one.

To protect your duvet and pillow, it is best to buy a waterproof duvet cover.

Anti-allergenic bedding for bedwetting

Skin allergy is an immune system response to a substance or allergen, such as eczema, that causes the skin to become red, swollen and itchy. Treatment for skin allergies depends on the specific condition and its severity. In some cases, avoiding the allergen or irritant can help reduce symptoms.

If you have skin allergies, it is important to choose mattress protectors or sheets that are hypoallergenic. This means that the bedding has been treated with anti-allergenic substances that help prevent allergic reactions.
Do you have a skin allergy? And are you looking for protection of the mattress or duvet against incontinence (bedwetting)? There is also a waterproof solution for that!

  • Anti-allergy waterproof mattress protector
  • Anti-allergy waterproof duvet
  • Anti-allergy waterproof pillowcase

It offers the best protection against dust mites, bacteria and urine loss or perspiration. This bedding does not give dust mites a chance to settle. It has a dense cover that dust mites cannot get through.

This way you can sleep wonderfully without unpleasant complaints such as itching or irritation of the skin.


The golden tip with mattress protectors

Whether you use a strip model or waterproof fitted sheet as a mattress protector, changing it in the middle of the night is always a hassle. In the worst case, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, the duvet itself and sometimes also the pillow including pillowcase must be washed. Add to that a pair of pajamas or nightgowns and the washing machine is working overtime.

We received the following tip from a parent who used our mattress protectors during their child's bedwetting alarm training, and who had finished changing beds in the middle of the night:
The layering technique; mattress protector - sheet - mattress protector - sheet.

If the bed has been wet, only the wet sheet and/or mattress protector (strip model) need to be removed from the bed. There is already a clean, dry set underneath. This will save you a lot of time at night!
It is therefore recommended to purchase (at least) two waterproof mattress protectors. This way you optimally protect your mattress and everyone can quickly get back to sleep after a short procedure.