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Water-repellent and breathable duvet cover
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Water-repellent and breathable duvet cover

  • 100% waterproof
  • Breathable fabric. No creaking
  • Very comfortable protection
  • Washable at 90 degrees
  • Fitted with zipper
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  •  Comfortable protection of your bed
  • Various waterproof solutions  available
  • Useful at home and on vacation
  • Prevents a lot of extra dirty laundry

Water-repellent and breathable duvet cover

Are you also done washing or renewing the duvet because the stains no longer go away? Or maybe the duvet itself cannot be washed? This very reliable duvet cover has a zipper at the end and protects the duvet in a nice way.

The top consists of 100% cotton and the bottom consists of a polyurethane membrane. This combination of substances offers many advantages:

  • feels wonderful
  • absolutely waterproof
  • stretchable and therefore it does not crack
  • ventilates well, so no problems with extra perspiration

We regularly hear that people have experiences with a duvet cover or mattress protector that creaks during use. Or that people have started to perspire a lot more at night. That does not apply to this great solution that ensures a wonderful night's sleep! Highly recommended.

Color: Plain white.

Dimensions: 135 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm

The duvet cover can be washed at a maximum of 90 degrees and can also be tumble dried at a low temperature.


We also offer a pillowcase of 50 x 70 cm in the same fabric and color. Receive a €5 discount if this is ordered directly.