Urifoon primarily addresses parents and children with solutions to daytime or nighttime wetting problems. To serve this group in the best possible way, we also work closely with many healthcare professionals in many countries.
Are you yourself a healthcare professional for clients with urinary problems? Perhaps we can do something together to help even more children and adults.

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Special product solutions

Due to our experience and proven expertise in the field of urinary devices ("leaking"), we have received many requests over the years from hospitals and other care providers to supply specific solutions in case of " leaking".

Examples of such situations where these products are successfully used in this regard are:
- Your patient wets the bed, but cannot tolerate underwear during the night
- Your patient wets the bed and the alarm must (also) be set via the nurse call system
- Signaling any leakage in the case of tube feeding or around the stoma or shunt.

Are you interested in such a solution? Or would you like to monitor another type of "leakage"? Customization is not a problem.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities with our product specialist. You can do this by phone at +31 (0)297 760 001 or by mail to [email protected].