Why are the sensor pants (pee pants) necessary?

During bedwetting alarm training, the wake-up reflex is developed when the bladder is full. This is done by waking your child every time he or she starts to urinate. The sooner this happens at the start of passing the first drops of urine, the better. It is therefore important that those first drops are detected and that is why we use the sensor underwear.

This underwear contains sensor wires where urination would normally occur during sleep. The first drops ensure that the alarm on the bedwetting alarm immediately goes off.

Our sensor pants (pee pants) are high-quality underpants

The sensor pants are made by hand in Portugal according to the OEKO TEX guidelines. Despite the sensor wires, the underwear looks and feels like normal underwear. We think this is important, because many users are completely done with wearing diaper-like solutions. They also like to wear normal underwear at night.
There are 2 press studs on the front of the underwear to which the transmitter is attached.

3 months warranty

As indicated, the pee pants contain sensor wires. That is why it is very important to follow the washing instructions carefully. The washing instructions are always included with all sensor pants or click here for a new washing instructions .

Use and non-compliance with the washing instructions affect the quality and lifespan of the pee pants. That is why we offer a maximum 3-month warranty on the sensor underwear.