To become the master of your bladder during the day, we offer the Apollo 24 daytime alarm. This alarm is light and small, making it easy for children to use. The alarm signal goes off as soon as the first drops of urine are detected. This signaling is done with a clip in the basic version, or with sensor inserts that can be used in your own underwear or by wearing sensor briefs (the same as with the bedwetting alarm for the night).

The alarm can be set to vibrate and/or sound and the volume is adjustable. With the Apollo 24, daytime wetting will quickly become a thing of the past.


“The bedwetting alarm” is best known as an effective method to stop bedwetting. But such alarm training can also be effective for urinary problems during the day. We have the smallest and lightest daytime alarm; the Apollo 24.

Daytime wetting

The vast majority of children are toilet trained earlier during the day than at night. This is mainly because you start toilet training during the day before bedwetting is tackled. In addition, potty training during the day is also easier for many children, because children are often aware of what is happening (they are awake).
Nevertheless, there are also many children who suffer daytime wetting.

Children are too distracted and forget to go to the bathroom in time

Children have to process many impulses during the day from everything that happens around them. At school, but certainly also outside with playing, gaming and so on. In addition, your own body also gives signals, such as the stimuli of a full bladder. But these are often ignored or pushed aside by children, because it does not suit them at that moment. They are in the middle of a game, don't want to miss anything or are afraid of 'losing' something.
These children feel they have to go to the bathroom, but do not act on it. The reminder watches are the best solution for these children. In this way, timed voiding is created in an accessible way.

Children do not feel when they start to urinate

If your child does not feel the need to go to the bathroom at all, the daytime alarm training with the Apollo 24 is the smartest choice. In this way, your child develops a reflex to the stimuli of a full bladder. The Apollo 24 immediately gives an alarm signal the moment the first drops of urine are detected. Within a few weeks, your child will learn to recognize the stimuli of a full bladder and know that it has to go to the bathroom.

Advantages of the Apollo 24 daytime alarm

  • It is the smallest and at only 24 grams also the lightest daytime alarm, which makes it very pleasant to use for your child
  • Your child has the choice of vibration and/or sound alarm signal
  • The sound of the alarm signal has an adjustable volume

Sensor brief, sensor insert or clip

The Apollo 24 actually works the same as a bedwetting alarm for the night. As soon as the first drops of urine enter the underwear, the alarm goes off. Your child can use the special Urifoon sensor briefs, but for the Apollo 24 we also have special sensor inserts that can be worn in their own underwear. They are explained in more detail below.

Sensor brief (washable)

The sensor brief looks like normal underwear and is a boxer model for boys and a hipster model for girls. Special sensor wires are incorporated into the underwear. A connecting cable with 2 press studs is attached to the sensor brief and this is connected to the Apollo 24. As soon as the first drops of urine enter the sensor brief, the alarm is immediately activated.

Sensor insert (single use)

The sensor insert is used in your child's own underwear. Just like the sensor brief, these pads have a large sensor range. The first drops of urine are always detected. A cord is connected between the insert and the Apollo 24. The alarm will immediately goes off with the first drops of urine.

These inserts are very user friendly. In case of wetting you don't have to change the wet underwear but just the insert. The insert is waterproof, so the underwear remains dry if you respond quickly to the alarm. The wet insert is simply replaced with a new insert and your child can continue training. The wet insert is thrown away because it cannot be washed.

Clip on your own underwear

The cheapest solution is simply to attach the standard supplied clip to your own underwear. The alarm will sound if the clip gets wet. But where do the first drops of urine come from? This is difficult to predict, especially in boys. You might need more urine to activate the alarm.


In practice, most people choose sensor inserts because:

  1. It is the easiest to use. Changing underwear during the day (shoes off – pants off – underwear changed – pants on – shoes on) is laborious. Especially if this happens several times a day.
  2. Just like the sensor underwear, it has a large sensor range, so the first drops are always detected immediately.