Special reminder watches that help children with toilet training, medication intake and other important reminders

These watches are designed to help children remember certain moments or 'actions' during the day. It has the ability to set various alarms at certain times. This gives the child a signal to go to the toilet, for example. The children's watches with alarm can therefore be used for different purposes:

  • toilet watch
  • medicine watch
  • drinking watch
  • Come home alarm

In addition to practicing telling the time, these watches for children are mainly intended to support toilet training or (regular) medication intake. But the watch is also very suitable for children who drink too little or who are practicing to get rid of bedwetting. Children are mainly busy playing during the day and are often completely absorbed in it. As a result, other things are easily forgotten that may be less or not (yet) obvious to children. For example, a reminder to go to the toilet can already offer a solution.

Application as child's reminder watch

The use of a reminder watch is mainly used as a urine or medicine watch. At specific times, it notifies children to take their medication.
It is best to take a pee every 2 hours! When do you use a reminder watch?

  • To go to the toilet (regularly) at home, at school and outdoors and to reduce the chance of peeing accidents.
  • By urinating at fixed times, the bladder is trained better and you learn to control it
  • Adding structure to daytime urination will help get rid of bedwetting at night
  • A handy tool for potty training during the day and to prevent pant-wetting in children.

Depending on the type of watch, up to 16 different alarm times can be set per day. The children's watches are easy to set to go off at different times. Each watch has its own clear manual.

All watches for children can give a very discreet vibrating alarm at set times. In this way, not everyone hears the alarm, which in turn gives a safer and more confident feeling. With the exception of the U15 model, it is also possible to choose a sound signal as a reminder alarm when setting instead of the vibrating alarm.

Super fine tool that results in:

  • No more insecure feeling by your child
  • One less 'worry' as a parent
  • Less disappointment and more (only) dry pants
  • Self confidence
  • Above all a happy child

These watches for children should not be confused with a bedwetting alarm. It is not intended for that and it does not have the desired effect, there are better tools for that.

In addition, the watches have various additional options/side functions such as; countdown, pedometer and/or calorimeter.

The different possibilities of the reminder watches

The alarm watches all have their own design or color. Thanks to the cheerful colors and cool designs, every child will even enjoy wearing this watch. The diversity of functions varies per model.

 U15 watchMini VibraLITE watchR16 watch 

Available colors

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Purple
  • Camouflage blue
  • Camouflage red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White
  • Orange/Black
  • Multicolor
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
Alarm momentsUp to 15 per dayUp to 12 a dayUp to 16 a day
Wrist size (circumference from)12.5 cm
  • 11.4cm (black)
  • 12.1cm (purple)
  • 12.7 cm (white & multi)
  • 14 cm (blue, orange & pink)
12 cm
Alarm typeVibrating AlertVibrate and Sound AlarmVibrate and Sound Alarm
Other functions
  • countdown timer
  • Pedometer
  • calorimeter
  • countdown timer
  • countdown timer
To uploadUSB port or 5V adapterNot rechargeable, battery includedUSB port or 5V adapter (cable included)