With products to treat urinary problems for young and old, Urifoon has been especially active in helping children get rid of the annoying bedwetting. It is great to see what successful training does to these children. They grow enormously in self-confidence within a few months and can face the world again.

That same world is currently under a lot of pressure. We as Urifoon cannot influence the misery in the world, but we are very much aware that we also have to leave the planet in a good way to the same children we are helping now and the generations to come.

We are not a member of any environmental advocacy group, but act consciously on the things we can influence to minimize the CO2 impact.

Consider for example:

  • In the Netherlands (our home base) we are the only weekender provider where you can rent these. Even worldwide this is almost unique. Very strange really, because the lifetime of a bedwetting alarm is many times longer than the time an average bedwetting alarm lasts. So reuse through renting is logical.
  • All our underwear is manufactured with organic cotton according to the strict OEKO-TEX guidelines. Almost everything is produced in Portugal and transport is logically by road or rail.
  • With our international suppliers, we share our commitment to minimize CO2 emissions. As little air transportation and as little packaging as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.
  • The plastic we use is recycled material and biodegradable.
  • We prefer to print as little as possible, but when we print it is double-sided. It even goes so far that paper with one side unprinted is reused internally, for example to instruct the warehouse on what to send.
  • Returning products is not for free with us to make people aware of the cost and impact of all the packages that are sent back and forth (often unnecessarily).
  • We almost always walk or bike to our office and Urifoon's only company car is 100% electric.
  • We purposefully and consistently separate our waste: Paper - plastic - electronics - other.

These are only some examples that come up every day with us. Although our impact on the whole is zero, it all starts with yourself. We are aware of this and thus do our part. Together we make a difference for our children and the generations to come.