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wireless bedwetting alarm

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Mickey wireless bedwetting alarm

Our latest addition is the Mickey! The Mickey is wireless, for optimal sleeping comfort. This bedwetting alarm offers a choice of 5 different alarms and the volume can easily be adjusted. But above all, this bedwetting alarm distinguishes itself by its very child-friendly design.


Personal guidance

Scientific research shows that receiving guidance during the bedwetting alarm training leads to better results. Urifoon offers its customers professional and personal guidance. The result: 90% of our motivated clients is cured of bedwetting within 3 months!

Examples of practical situations where our guidance has proved to be very effective:

  • The user doesn't wake up from the bedwetting alarm.
  • The user goes to the bathroom at least twice a night. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the bedwetting alarm training after a couple of weeks.
  • The user responds to the alarm, but is not aware of what is happening.

This professional and personal guidance is free of charge for customers who are registered with us. All other users of a bedwetting alarm can receive this guidance by calling 0900 - 2337527736 (60 cents per minute).

Price shown

The price includes the adapter for the receiver, the transmitter, batteries for the transmitter, score card for recording the results per night, user manual and shipping.

The necessary sensor briefs must be ordered separately.


Perhaps you could also use a very reliable and user-friendly mattress protector? This can be convenient in case accidents still happen during the bedwetting alarm training.