You usually don't order a bedwetting alarm more than once or maybe twice in your life. As a result, you can't be sure of which aspects are important when making your choice for one. We have over 60 years of experience with bedwetting alarms and know intimately what the key points are to look out for. We'd love to share them with you.

How big is the sensor range of the bedwetting alarm?

The sensor range is the area that needs to become wet in order to trigger the alarm. For an effective bedwetting alarm training, it is crucial that your child wakes up as soon as the first drops of urine leave the body. The brain has to develop a wake-up reflex upon sensing a full bladder. This means that the alarm should be triggered at the first drops of urine.

With boys, it is especially hard to predict where the first drops of urine will fall in the underwear. Bedwetting alarms that make use of sensor briefs have the largest sensor range. They might be a little bit more expensive (because you need to buy the sensor briefs), but the training is that much more effective.

How easily does your child wake up?

We offer various types of bedwetting alarms, because every child is different, and some wake up more easily than others. This wake-up threshold is important to know for the bedwetting alarm training. After all, the alarm should wake your child up as quickly as possible. Our bedwetting alarms can be categorised according to the wake-up threshold.

Our bedwetting alarms are all wireless and therefore comfortable to use. They are easy to operate, so your child can do everything itself. We recommend that you let your child handle everything itself as much as possible. This increases the awareness of what is happening during the night.

Our bedwetting alarms all have an annoying alarm signal. If it goes off at night, your child is meant to switch it off as quickly as possible. Experience shows that a child responds more quickly to an annoying alarm than, say, a police siren. We also want to prevent that your child starts to see the bedwetting alarm as a toy. It's a tool for getting potty-trained quickly.

The bedwetting alarm with vibrating element is effective for the very deep sleeper. More noise isn't always the solution for waking someone up. The vibrations of the element feel foreign in that situation and usually generate a quick reflex in the user.

Do you have the possibility of receiving expert guidance? This really is important!

Nobody likes to be woken up in the middle of the night. So, in order to maintain motivation, the bedwetting alarm training should be as short as possible. Expert guidance can help with this! A few examples that occur frequently.

Even though the alarm of a bedwetting alarm makes a lot of noise, not every child responds immediately. What will you do then? After all, the training doesn't start until your child starts to respond to the alarm. Or what if you find out through using the bedwetting alarm that your child wets the bed 3 times a night. This means that the alarm also goes off 3 times a night... That makes the bedwetting alarm training quite exhausting. For your child, and for you.

Without proper guidance, these situations often lead to the training being ended prematurely, when the child isn't potty-trained yet. This is a waste of your time and money, and your child is still wetting the bed. Disappointing for everyone involved.

If you are not getting any professional help, for instance from a paediatrician or outpatient clinic, you can make use of our expert helpdesk for personal guidance. With tailored advice and playful exercises, we can get your child to respond to the alarm and/or reduce the number of bathroom moments during the night. This means that the training will be effective and won't take unnecessarily long. This is very important for maintaining motivation!

Scientific research also shows that bedwetting alarm training under supervision has a higher chance of success than when there is no expert supervision.

Involve your child in the selection process!

The success of a bedwetting training is greatly impacted by the motivation of your child. Therefore, involve him or her in the selection process. It is your child who has to train with the bedwetting alarm and that is quite an exciting process. It helps when it is done with material that your child is okay with.


Our expert guidance is included in our rates as standard. If you would like to have more information, you can call us on 0297 760 001 or email us at [email protected].

If you got one of our bedwetting alarms through somebody else, you can also still make use of our expert helpdesk. In that case, you have to call 0900 - 2337527736 (60 cents per minute). Do you have a bedwetting alarm of another brand, but would still like to receive our guidance? Even then, you can call us during office hours at 0900-2337527736.

We are happy to help you!