We are often asked whether one should continue to use diapers during bedwetting alarm training. In this blog we would like to explain our 3 arguments why this is not wise.

Ok, the diaper is nice to keep the bed dry and to sleep undisturbed, but during the bedwetting alarm training it is really important not to use the diaper anymore.

1. With a diaper one reacts less quickly to the alarm of the bedwetting alarm

During the bedwetting alarm training, an alarm will go off when your child urinates the first drops of urine in the sensor underwear. With effective training, the idea is that your child reacts quickly, wakes up, reflexively stops the pee, gets up, turns off the alarm and then goes to the toilet to finish the pee.

This rapid response also ensures that only a few drops of urine have been peed, eliminating the need to change the bed.

We notice that children with a diaper also respond less quickly to the alarm. Apparently there is less need to react quickly, because the diaper keeps everything dry anyway. And it is precisely the rapid response to the alarm that is crucial for effective bedwetting alarm training.

2. During training also learn to sleep with normal underwear

Most children who train with the bedwetting alarm have only slept with a diaper in their lives. Or they don't have good memories of sleeping in normal underwear because they wet the bed.

The sensor underwear looks like normal underwear. Only special sensor wires have been processed and there are 2 push buttons on it to click the transmitter on.

During the training one therefore learns to sleep with normal underwear at the same time and to gain confidence with this. After all, it will go very well.

We recommend using the bedwetting alarm until there have been 3 dry weeks. So slept through the night dry for 21 nights or woke up earlier than the bedwetting alarm goes off. Then the most important and last step is taken during the training: Sleeping without a bedwetting alarm.

This can be in their own really normal underwear, but some children still use the bedwetting alarm pants the first nights without clicking the transmitter. In both cases, the step is smaller than if you also sleep with a diaper during training.

3. It saves money

In addition to the more functional reasons mentioned above, there is also a very nice practical reason: It saves costs. Night diaper pants quickly cost about 50 cents each, so at least 15 euros per month. An average training lasts about 8-12 weeks. This means that you save between 30 and 45 euros by no longer using the diapers at the start of the bedwetting alarm training.


Do you really want to prevent the bed and mattress from getting wet despite these arguments? Then use a good mattress protector. This protects the mattress and your child still feels the urgency to respond to the alarm quickly. If you don't have a (good) mattress protector yet, we can help you here . Urifoon has very good and handy mattress protectors in its range. Both washable and protectors that can be thrown away immediately after use.