Of course it makes a difference if your health insurance takes care of the costs of the bedwetting alarm. That is why we often get the question: Is the bedwetting alarm reimbursed? Unfortunately, an unequivocal answer cannot be given. It depends on several aspects.

If you don't want to read further, you can of course also call us (0297 760 001) or email us ( [email protected] ), then we will find out exactly for you and you will immediately know where you stand. You can also look at www.urifoon.nl/fees . The options for each health insurer are listed there.

But for the sake of completeness, a further explanation and explanation follows in order to find the answer to the question: Is the bedwetting alarm reimbursed?

The bedwetting alarm is not included in the basic reimbursement

This means that not everyone is entitled to the reimbursement of a bedwetting alarm. You must have taken out at least additional insurance for this to be eligible for reimbursement.

The bedwetting alarm is reimbursed in many, but certainly not in all supplementary packages

Each health insurer has developed its own additional packages that you can take out on top of your basic insurance. These additional packages offer you the opportunity to take out additional insurance for treatments and/or solutions that are relevant to you.

There are a few health insurers that have not included the bedwetting alarm in 1 of their supplementary packages. But with the vast majority of health insurers, the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed in 1 or more supplementary packages.

Take a good look at the reimbursement overview of your health insurer. This states exactly what is reimbursed per supplementary package. And please note, it is certainly not the case that the bedwetting alarm is always reimbursed in the most expensive additional packages.

The additional conditions of your health insurer

Conditions may be attached to the supplementary package to actually qualify for the reimbursement. Conditions that health insurers can apply to a greater or lesser extent in the case of bedwetting alarms are:

  • A minimum age (often from 6 years).
  • Whether or not to submit a referral letter from the general practitioner or specialist.
  • A bedwetting alarm may only be claimed once from the same health insurer.
  • A limit on the amount of compensation.

Finally, it is important to know that many health insurers have determined in advance which bedwetting alarm will or will not be reimbursed. If you want a different model or extra sensor briefs, you can often do this by paying a personal contribution. The amount of this depends on the bedwetting alarm package you want.

The costs often have to be declared by the care provider (in this case Urifoon).

Are you eligible for reimbursement and you meet the conditions? Then pay close attention to the ordering process! Many health insurers require that the care provider (in this case Urifoon) declares the costs of the bedwetting alarm to them. This is done in a larger batch and electronically, so that it can be processed much more efficiently for them.

The advantage for you is that you do not have to advance the costs and that you do not have any administrative hassle. We declare the reimbursement to which you are entitled. So handy.

At www.urifoon.nl/fees you will find per health insurer:

  • The supplementary insurance policies with a reimbursement for a bedwetting alarm
  • Any conditions set by the health insurer
  • An order form with which you can easily order a bedwetting alarm. This clearly states what is reimbursed and what a personal contribution may apply to.

Do you want help or advice?

Or do you not know exactly how you are insured? Call 0297 760 001 during office hours or email [email protected] .

Do you not receive a reimbursement from your health insurer?

That is of course a pity. You will unfortunately have to bear the costs yourself. You then have the choice of renting or buying a bedwetting alarm. Here you will find all the options that best suit your child's sleeping behaviour.