The bedwetting alarm is the best solution against bedwetting

According to science, the bedwetting alarm is the best way to get rid of bedwetting. In practice, many methods are used to remedy bedwetting, for example by waking the child and having them urinate when the parents go to bed themselves. This one moment of urination ensures that many children no longer need to urinate later in the night. The problem of bedwetting seems to have been solved, but in fact it is not.

The same goes for taking medications. The most commonly used drug causes the body to produce less urine. This prevents the risk of bedwetting, but the fundamental problem of bedwetting is not solved here either.

With the bedwetting alarm, the child also learns to recognize the stimuli of a full bladder during (deep) sleep. The child's wake-up reflex will be stimulated and developed via the brain. In this way it learns to wake up in time to go to the toilet.

The chance of success

The success rate of the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training is about 90% if your child meets the following 2 statements:

  1. My child is self-motivated to get rid of bedwetting.
  2. There is no physical reason why my child wets the bed.

If you know or suspect that there is a physical cause, we advise you to first contact your doctor to determine together what the best route is to tackle bedwetting.

The bedwetting alarm

The bedwetting alarm consists of the following parts:

  • The receiver. This is where the alarm sounds when the bed is peed. Optionally, a vibrating element can also be connected to certain bedwetting alarms.
  • The sender. This signals the first drops of urine in the Urifoon sensor briefs and transmits this wirelessly to the receiver.
  • The Urifoon sensor underwear . This seemingly normal underwear is available in all common sizes and contains special sensor threads. The transmitter is clicked onto the sensor underwear by means of 2 push buttons.

Scorecard stickers are included with each bedwetting alarm, so that the progress of the training can be recorded and the motivation of your child can be positively stimulated by winning points and sticking a sticker daily.

The sensor briefs are not supplied as standard with the bedwetting alarm, unless you order a Urifoon bedwetting alarm package. The packages do contain the sensor shorts and you often get a nice discount on the total price. All packages are composed in such a way that you can immediately start tackling bedwetting.

How the bedwetting alarm works

If the bedwetting alarm training is followed, the child will wear the Urifoon sensor underwear during the night. As soon as the child starts wetting the bed, the first drops of urine in the underwear will activate the transmitter via the sensor wires. The transmitters give a signal to the receiver and the alarm goes off immediately. This all happens very quickly, so that the alarm goes off when the first drops of urine are lost.

Now it is important that your child responds quickly to the alarm and is awakened by it. In a reflex it will stop wetting the bed. Then the transmitter must be removed from the sensor pants and only then can the alarm be switched off. They then continue to the toilet and the pee is finished.

Because the sensor briefs are wet, they can no longer be worn that night. Apart from hygiene, the alarm will go off immediately if the transmitter is clicked on wet sensor pants. So after urinating on the toilet, dry sensor briefs are put on. After clicking on the transmitter again, your child can continue to sleep.

The bedwetting alarm training

The alarm of the bedwetting alarm wakes your child as soon as it starts to urinate. This critical moment is important, because in fact your child should have woken himself just before to go to the toilet in time to prevent bedwetting. Unfortunately, your child does not yet do this because the wake-up reflex to the stimuli of a full bladder is not yet sufficiently developed or because the wake-up threshold is too high. Your child sleeps through the signals and wets the bed.

The alarm of the bedwetting alarm corrects your child at just the right time and alerts you to the fact that he or she is wetting the bed. At that moment one still feels the urge of a full bladder and one must therefore also learn to recognize this during a (deep) sleep. The alarm actually seems a bit too late, because the first drops of urine are already in the underwear. But by sleeping and exercising with the bedwetting alarm every day, your child develops the wake-up reflex to the signals and stimuli of a full bladder and wakes up just before it starts to urinate.

Within an average of 8 to 12 weeks, your child will learn to wake himself up in time so that the toilet is used and bedwetting is a thing of the past.

The expert guidance of Urifoon

The bedwetting alarm is not a panacea but an aid to the bedwetting alarm training. As with all training, it is a learning process of trial and error. For many children, the Urifoon guidance during bedwetting alarm training has been decisive in this regard. Our team of expert counselors will help you and your child during the training to get it through as quickly and effectively as possible.

In practice, situations can have a negative influence on motivation and the success rate of the training. But these are solved with the expert guidance of Urifoon. Some common examples where we offer very targeted and effective solutions for you and your child are:

  • The alarm wakes everyone in the house, except for the kid involved.
  • The child urinates 3-4 times every night, causing the child – but probably also the parents – to become far too tired, lose motivation and increase irritation.
  • The child will stop urinating when the alarm goes off, but will not wake up or get up to go to the bathroom.

Without proper guidance from the right medical specialist or the expert team of Urifoon, many children and parents give up on these practical examples in the meantime. Money has been spent on a bedwetting alarm but to no avail. A negative experience richer but an illusion poorer. And that is a shame, because these situations can also be overcome with practical exercises for deep sleepers. As a result, motivation is maintained and the chance of success is very high.

Read more about the guidance with the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training here .

The result

With the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training, about 90% of the motivated children without a physical cause for bedwetting have been relieved of bedwetting within 8 to 12 weeks! How wonderful would it be if your child no longer wets his or her bed within a few months?

Do it during training

  • Exercise daily and sleep well with the bedwetting alarm.
  • If your child does not respond quickly and wakes up to the alarm, contact us for expert guidance. Also do this if you urinate more than twice a night. If you are being accompanied from the medical circuit, please contact them.
  • Make sure your child has plenty to drink in the morning and make frequent trips to the toilet during the day.
  • Do not stop using the bedwetting alarm until 21 consecutive nights have been dry.

Don'tdo it during training

  • Wearing a diaper over the sensor underwear
  • Wake your child and make them pee when you go to bed
  • Stopping the bedwetting alarm too soon and thinking you're already there (or that it won't get any better)
  • Getting mad at your child. He/she really can't help it if it still wets the bed.