Urifoon is a Dutch family company that has specialized in bedwetting alarm training as a treatment for bedwetting since 1954. 

Over the years, together with thousands of our clients, we have developed our bedwetting alarm training programs to their current level of success. Around 90% of our clients are free of bedwetting within 3 months! Our success lies not only in our outstanding products, but also in our personal involvement with the progress of our clients. 

We are a professional, closely-knit team, and are motivated by a genuine desire to help people with an unfortunate toilet problem. After all, we know better than anyone the impact it can have on those involved. 

Our commitment and our results have lead to collaboration with medical specialists, with whom we have developed specific signaling and training methods. Our development and production department is based in the Netherlands. This allows us to react quickly to the wishes of the market, and to realize innovations. 

Urifoon is currently active in several countries. Our activities are always based upon the same philosophy and approach: delivering a product of the highest quality, together with personal support during the training program. Mutual exchange of experiences continuously lifts our approach to a higher level. Are you interested in offering Urifoon products and services in your country? Please send a mail to [email protected].