Avéro vergoeding plaswekker

With the following additional packages, Avéro Achmea offers a (full) reimbursement for the bedwetting alarm with 2 sensor pants:

  • Start additional insurance
  • Royal supplementary insurance
  • Supplementary insurance Excellent

The following condition applies to all packages:

During the entire insurance term, the insured person can make a one-off claim to reimbursement of a bedwetting alarm with accessories.

If you are not insured with the correct additional package or do not meet the condition, you will unfortunately not be eligible for reimbursement under your health insurance. Of course we are happy to help you and your child. Click here to buy a bedwetting alarm package or click here to rent a bedwetting alarm .

Does the user meet this condition? Order the package of your choice below.

We know from experience that the bedwetting people can be divided into 3 groups. We have developed a bedwetting alarm for each group:

  • Children who wake up relatively easily: Mickey bedwetting alarm
  • Children who have difficulty waking up: Contessa bedwetting alarm
  • Children who are very difficult to wake up: Contessa bedwetting alarm with vibrating element

The filters can also help you determine the most suitable bedwetting alarm for your child.

Please always go through the entire ordering process, even if you don't have to pay! Otherwise, your order cannot be processed.

We will send you the order quickly after we have received the order in full (including any payment) and, according to our information, you are entitled to the compensation included in the price.

If you have any questions or would like advice, you can reach us during office hours on telephone number 0297 - 760 001.

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