Very helpful reminder watches for adults

The adjustable alarm times of our reminder watches are an ideal reminder for all kinds of important matters. Whether it concerns taking medication, going to the toilet, dietary obligations, sports; the watch reminds you. Order one of our medicine watches and forgetting something will soon be a thing of the past. 

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Special reminder watches for adults that f.e. help remember when taking medicine

These watches are designed as a tool for adults to remember certain moments or 'actions' during the day. It has the ability to set various alarms at certain times. This gives you a signal to go to the toilet, for example. The medical watches with alarms can therefore be used for different purposes:

  • toilet watch
  • medicine watch
  • drinking watch
  • Calendar alarm
  • etcetera

The watch with vibrating function helps to remind important events during the day.

Application with vibration function

The use of a reminder watch is mainly used as a toilet or medicine watch. At pre-set times, it signals, through a discreet vibrating alarm, to take action. 
Depending on the type of watch, up to 15 different alarm times can be set per day. The watches are easy to set to go off at different times. Each watch has its own instructional video in which this is clearly shown.
All reminder watches can give a discrete vibrating alarm at set times and no sound signal. In this way, not everyone hears the alarm, which in turn gives a safer and more confident feeling. Super fine and handy tool that results in:

  • No insecure feeling
  • One less 'worry' for taking medication
  • Less disappointment and more (only) dry pants
  • Self confidence

In addition, the watches have various additional options/side functions such as; countdown, pedometer and/or calorimeter.

The possibilities of the reminder watches

U15 reminder watch

  • 5 colors; black – navy blue – purple – camouflage blue – camouflage red
  • Up to 15 alarms per day
  • wrist size; from 12.5 cm circumference
  • type of alarm; vibrating alert
  • Splash-proof
  • countdown timer
  • Pedometer
  • calorimeter
  • Charging in USB port or adapter (max. 5V)