Very helpful reminder watches

Reminder watches are an effective tool against daytime wetting. An alarm signal reminds your child to go to the toilet. You can set the alarm times yourself. All watches in our range are equipped with a vibration function.

You can also use these watches as a very handy reminder to take your medication on time.

Watch type Wrist circumference # alarm moments Vibrate alarm Sound alarm Splash waterproof
U15, all colors from 12.5 cm 15 Yes no Yes
R16, all colors from 12 cm 16 Yes Yes Yes
MVL 12 black from 11.4 cm 12 Yes Yes Yes
MVL 12 purple from 12.1 cm 12 Yes Yes Yes
MVL 12 white , multi colour from 12.7 cm 12 Yes Yes Yes
MVL 12 blue , pink , orange from 14 cm 12 Yes Yes Yes


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