Reminder watch R16 black with 16 alarm moments especially for children
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Due to the size of the tire, it is very suitable for children! The maximum 16 vibration or sound alarm moments per day ensure that nothing is forgotten. From now on, go to the toilet on time and medicines are no longer forgotten to take.
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New! The most suitable pee watch for children!

and convince yourself that this model suits your child best!

This cool black reminder watch has been specially developed for children because of the size of the strap. It helps your child remember during the day to go to the toilet on time, for example. Does your child forget to pee because they are completely absorbed in a game or movie? With this watch it is remembered. So an ideal aid during toilet training.

The watch offers enough alarm moments to be reminded of other things during the day, such as:

  • When should I come home from playing outside
  • When should I go to sports training
  • When does my favorite TV show start

Up to 16 alarm times can be set per day. You have the choice between a vibrating alarm or a sound alarm. At the moments you determine, the watch gives an alarm and informs your child to do something. For potty training, this offers the desired help to get through the day dry and/or safe. This can be done discreetly with the vibrating alarm or with a sound alarm where desired.

The urine watch works on a rechargeable battery, which can be easily charged via a USB connection. The watch is charged within an hour and then lasts for about 5 days. Of course, the battery drains faster when the alarm is used intensively.

The watch is modern and hip and has a silicone strap. This contains no plasticizers. The band actually fits any wrist. The strap around the strap has a handy hole with which you can secure the strap extra. This prevents the strap from flabing excessively. So very pleasant to use. Even with thin wrists!

Main features of the watch:

  • 16 alarm moments per day
  • Choice between vibrate or sound alarm
  • Suitable for a minimum wrist circumference of 12 cm
  • The settings are easy to adjust manually, but not easy to change by children playing with the button. This keeps the watch reliable for its intended purpose.
  • In addition to time and 16 alarm moments, this watch also offers a countdown functionality.
  • Easy to charge, so no need to change the battery!
  • Including Dutch manual
  • Splash-proof

Nice detail: The watch is available in the colors blue, pink and black. The straps are also available separately, so that color can be changed frequently and easily!

The watch has a warranty period of 1 year (under normal use and with the exception of water damage) and is CE certified.


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