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Product development

Urifoon also has its own development and production division in the Netherlands. This offers great advantages to professional users in for example hospitals, children's homes and homes for the elderly.
Developing signaling alarms together
Thanks to our short lines of communication and our high level of involvement with the market, we receive many requests for the production of special (signaling) alarms. These are specially designed in accordance with the individual wishes of users. For our development and production division, nothing is impossible in the first instance.
There follows a number of examples of products that we have developed together with specialists:
  • A leakage alarm with special sensor for blood detection, which monitors the shunt during the dialysis process.
  • Alarms for monitoring any leakage during drip-feeding of infants and babies.
  • Daytime alarm for incontinence problems during the day.
We would be delighted to work together with you towards developing new solutions!

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