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Payment methods

After you filled out the order details you will have to choose one of the available payment methods. As soon as you have chosen one you will be forwarded over a secure HTTPS connection to a page where you can fill in the details of the payment method you selected. Before you fill in any details, always check if you are still on a secure HTTPS website. If this is the case then please follow all instructions given during the payment process and do not close the windows before the payment has been finalized. As soon as you have successfully finished you payment you will be returned to the Urifoon website where you will see a confirmation in case your payment was successful.

N.B. Never close the browser before you have returned to the Urifoon website. Only when you have returned to the Urifoon confirmation page we can finish your order.

Is paying on Urifoon.com safe and secure?

Ordering with Urifoon ensures quick, easy, and above all secure payment. As well as the opportunity to pay by transfer, Urifoon offers a variety of methods for electronic payment. For the credit card payments we use the Payment Service Provider Ogone and of course the entire payment process is governed within a secure "https" environment.

Which payment methods can I choose?

We offer you the following payment methods:
- Credit card
- iDeal
- Bank transfer
- PayPal (will be introduced as soon as possible)

Credit Card
We accept Master Card, Visa card and American Express. Simply choose your preferred credit card during the payment process. After choosing your preference you will be redirected to a secured page of our Payment Service Provider Ogone, where you fill out the requested details. Your payment is then authorized online. Since Urifoon does everything to make payments as secure as possible we have chosen to facilitate a 3D secure credit card payment. This means all possible fraud checks will be done and therefore you might be asked for a security code to approve the Credit Card payment. After the payment approval you will be forwarded to our website.

Your credit card must be issued in the same country as the invoice and delivery address, otherwise you cannot use your credit card. This is due to fraud prevention.

You can also pay with your bank card credit card using the payment method iDeal. Check the website www.ideal.com to see if your bank supports this method. If not supported you need to choose one of the other payment methods that are being offered by us for your country. To be able to use this payment method you also need a personal card reader which generates a Securecode for approving the payment. When you purchase your order and you click on this payment method you will get a new screen in which you have to fill out your details and/or the generated Securecode. After finalizing your payment you will be forwarded to our website again.

Bank Transfer
You can pay your order upfront via a bank transfer. Please always mention at least and order number as reference to your payment. Our banking account information is:

IBAN: NL04INGB0004367470


Urifoon BV

Mennonietenbuurt 29


The Netherlands

We are working on this option.

Please notice that we are not responsible for the actual payment process and procedures. Your credit card company, bank or other organization is responsible for this. If an error occurs in this part of the order process you can contact us, but we cannot always solve the issue. Often the issue needs to be solved by one of the organizations mentioned above. If you want to know more about the security preventions your Credit Card Company or Bank Company or iDEAL has taken, please check their website.


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