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1. When can my child begin using a bedwetting alarm?

When your child indicates that he or she wishes to be dry. Not when you believe that the time has come. If your child is not motivated, then you should not (yet) begin with an anti-bedwetting training program.

2. Which bedwetting alarm is most suitable for my child?

We offer you a choice of several bedwetting alarms. Almost all alarms are wireless, and are extremely comfortable while sleeping. The Contessa de Luxe is the loudest alarm, and is available both to rent and to buy. See also our product portfolio for other specific features at a glance. Should you still have questions, please call our help desk on +31 297 760 001.

3. Is the sensor underwear on the large or small side?

The sensor underwear is somewhat larger than normal sizes. Should you be unable to decide between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger. Our size table can also help.

4. Can I wake my child during the night?

No, your child must only react to the alarm that sounds when the bladder is completely full and the first drops of urine touch the Urifoon sensor underwear.

5. My child wets the bed several times per night. What should I do?

This will reduce as the training program proceeds. It is important that your child drinks enough fluid during the day.

6. My child cannot remember in the morning how he or she has reacted during the night. What should I do?

We advise you to contact our help desk (+31 297 760 001), so that we can offer you or your child specific personal advice.

7. My child is not woken by the alarm. What should I do?

We advise you to contact our help desk (+31 297 760 001), so that we can offer you advice suited to your situation.

8. How long must my child remain dry before the bedwetting alarm is removed?

When the child has remained dry without the alarm for 3 weeks, then the bedwetting alarm is in principle no longer needed. We nevertheless advise to you to contact us by telephone, so that we can give advice about how you can be sure of success.

9. How does the support / help desk function?

This is a free service, offered when ordering a Urifoon bedwetting alarm. You can contact our help desk with all your questions (+31 297 760 001). We are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.

10. What should I do with the Enurogram form?

You should fill in the form every morning, together with your child, according to the instructions on the reverse side. You always begin with day 1 on the form. This is not related to the day of the month. After 28 days, you send the fully completed Enurogram form to us. We advise you to call our help desk 2 days after doing so in order to discuss the month's results.

11. How do I obtain a new Enurogram form?

You can download the Enurogram form by clicking here. Please ensure that you supply your customer number when returning the form.

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