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Defects and guarantee

Do you a question about the operation of your product? Please first consult our list of frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, then please contact us.

Defect on delivery
If your product fails to operate correctly immediately after receiving it, then we ask you to contact us within 7 days. If we are able to reproduce the fault, then we will offer a suitable solution.

Steps to take in the event of a defect
Is your product defective? Then we ask you to follow the steps below. In this way, we can process your return as smoothly as possible.
1. Inform us that you wish to return an article.
2. Once we have received your package, we will investigate your complaint and will prepare a solution as quickly as possible.

Guarantee period
Urifoon complies with the Wet betreffende marktpraktijken en consumentenbescherming (Dutch Market practices and consumer protection act). We stand for quality products. You have the right to expect that products supplied by us live up to reasonable expectations. Should your product malfunction, you can of course depend upon us.

Electronic articles have a guarantee of 12 months.
Sensor underwear has a guarantee of 3 months.

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