Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
Liberty Start the package with instructions
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Start the package with instructions

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Mickey bedwetting alarm with 2 sensor briefs and expert instructions.

With this reliable set you can get started with your child right away! The package contains everything you need to seriously combat bedwetting:

  1. Mickey wireless bedwetting alarm
  2. A set of 2 sensor briefs
  3. Incentive scorecard
  4. Competent and personal advice
  5. Information brochure Juf Sas en de Plasklas(for children <10 years)
  6. The package willbesentfree of charge to your home address.
The Mickey is of course wireless for optimal sleeping comfort. This bedwetting alarm offers a choice of 5 different alarm signals and the volume can be easily increased or decreased. But above all, this bedwetting alarm is characterized by a very child-friendly design.
Since pictures often speak louder than words, the Mickey bedwetting alarm is explained in more detail in the following video.

Features Mickey
• Separate light signal when the battery in the transmitter is weak
• The receiver is equipped with a night light
• The transmitter contains a 3 V battery (CR 2032)
• Dimensions receiver: 12 x 7 x 4 cm
• Dimensions transmitter: 5 x 4 x 0.8 cm

Sensor pants
The sensor pants, which are hand-made in Portugal, look like normal underwear, but have special sensor wires. These sensor wires create a large sensor area that quickly detects urine leakage. Since boys and girls are built differently, we have special sensor pants for boys and girls. The boys can choose from 3 colors of boxers: blue, orange and with a cheerful monkey print. The hipsters for the girls are available in pink, green or dark blue with white hearts.
The sensor pants are designed so that the first drops of urine are always recognized. Very important for an efficient and effective training!
When ordering, you have the option of ordering an additional sensor letter at a discount. This is useful if you urinate several times a night or want to make sure there are enough dry, clean sensor pants available every night.

Incentive scorecard
A stimulating scorecard is included in the bedwetting alarm. The result of the previous night can be recorded here daily. In this way, points can be collected, which has a stimulating effect on many children. Users under the age of 10 will also receive a sticker sheet of which 1 can be placed on the scorecard each day.

Personal support
Scientific research shows that guidance with bedwetting alarm training leads to better results. There are many medical institutions that prescribe our bedwetting alarm training and also monitor the training itself. If you are not accompanied by medical care, we would be happy to offer you our support. Urifoon customers can use our professional and personal advice free of charge, which includes:

  1. Emails during exercise. You will receive most of the emails at the beginning of the training, as this period is considered to be the most important and intense. We know better than anyone what situations and obstacles are most important at different times during training. The timing of the advice in these emails is geared towards this. We recommend that you read it and apply it if necessary. For many children, it made a difference whether the bedwetting alarm training was successfully completed or not.
  2. The advice in the emails is general and based on the tens of thousands of children we have supported with Urifoon bedwetting alarm training since 1954. Your child is unique and deserves personal guidance if necessary. Our personal and professional guidance is used very specifically when we regularly receive a copy of the completed scorecard. You can contact us by phone during office hours. We will discuss the progress of your child's training and then give you very specific advice to make the training as effective as possible. You can call us on 0297 760 001, but you can also send an email to [email protected].
  3. We'll help you during training and until your child goes to the bathroom. Of course, also in the event of a relapse, if unfortunately this is the case.

When we hear that the training was successful, we send the child a happy surprise.

Some fairly common practical examples where good guidance is critical to maintaining motivation and completing the training successfully:

  • The user does not wake up from the bedwetting alarm.
  • The user wets the bed at least twice a night. As a result, it is almost impossible to maintain bedwetting alarm training after a few weeks.
  • The user responds to the alarm but does not know what is happening.

The result of our personal guidance
90% of motivated children are trained to use the toilet within 8 to 12 weeks! Success stories are, of course, that the training was completed within a few weeks. But the bedwetting alarm is not a panacea, but a training aid. So if you take 3 months into account, it is usually not bad.

This professional and personal advice is free of charge for customers who are registered with us. All other bedwetting alarm users can get these instructions by calling 0900 Bedwetting (= 0900-2337527736, 60 cents per minute).

Optional: well absorbent mattress protector
You have the option of ordering a mattress protector with the package at your own expense. We strongly recommend this. We have put together a selection of very good and handy mattress protectors with a selection of washable or disposable models.

Optional: reminder clock so that your child does not forget to urinate during the day
During the ordering process we offer you our U15 and R16 reminder watches with a discount of € 5. Such a reminder can be very valuable for your child if they often forgets to go to the bathroom regularly during the day. Holding urine unnecessarily long and frequently during the day tenses the bladder. This relaxes when your child is wonderfully asleep. In many of these children, we find that when the bladder relaxes at night, more urine is produced than when the bladder remains relaxed during the day. The reminder clock helps and ensures that training runs more smoothly for many children.

Finally and important
For this product, we also ask you to enter the full name and date of birth of your child. We will also ask if you have previously requested a bedwetting alarm for this user from your current health insurer. We need this information to assess whether we can report the costs to your health insurer on your behalf. The expected fees are already included in the prices mentioned. Partly on behalf of your health insurer, certain conditions apply to this process, which you can read here . By ordering the product, you agree to these terms and conditions.