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Bewetting alarm training

Urifoon has specialized in anti-bedwetting training with the help of a bedwetting alarm since 1954. Since then, thousands of children have been liberated from this distressing problem.

The success of Urifoon
The success of Urifoon's training program lies in the quality of our products, combined with our personal, professional guidance. We offer a large assortment of bedwetting alarms with various applications for almost every possible user.

Well thought-through products
Urifoon bedwetting alarms are made of sturdy materials, in which the alarm system is fully and safely integrated. They cannot be opened by children. Thanks to their form and design, these alarms can easily be cleaned and fit easily next to every bed.
Urifoon's special underwear is unique. It consists of normal underwear, with a special moisture sensor integrated. The underpants can be washed normally according to the included washing instructions, and are available in the most common standard sizes for both boys and girls.

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