Daytime alarm

If your child is unaware of wetting its pants, a bedwetting alarm for during the day (the so-called daytime alarm) can be an effective solution.

Our Apollo 24 is the smallest and most lightweight daytime alarm in the Netherlands. It is therefore very suitable for children to train with during the day. Daytime training is often supervised by a medical specialist, but this is not mandatory. We recommend training mostly at home, so after school and in the weekends or during a holiday.

The Apollo 24 can be used in 3 ways

1. The Apollo 24 in combination with the sensor briefs. These are the same briefs as the ones used for the bedwetting alarm at night. This underwear has a large sensor range and can very quickly detect the first drops of urine coming into contact with the briefs.

These briefs are available in all standard dress sizes.

2. New! The Apollo 24 in combination with the moisture detecting inserts, in the regular underwear. This unique innovation is called Dry-Mate and offers many advantages:

  • It has the same sensor range as the dedicated sensor briefs, but can be used in regular underwear.
  • Instead of the underwear, the insert must become wet to trigger the alarm. If the insert has become wet, simply replace it with a new one. The wet one can be thrown out.
  • If the user responds to the alarm immediately, there is no need to change the underwear. This saves cumbersome actions and dirty laundry.

Dry-Mate is cost-effective and separately available in packs of 25 inserts.

3. The Apollo 24 in the regular underwear. The dedicated clip is attached to the underwear in the area where the first drops of urine are most likely to fall. This is important for triggering the alarm as quickly as possible. This method gives you a limited sensor range, which in practice means that it can take longer for the alarm to be triggered.