Daytime wetting: Different causes require different solutions

Most children have achieved bladder control before they are 4 years old and go to kindergarten. If your child hasn't, it is stuck with a very stressful problem. Because if it has accidentally wet its pants, the chance is great that others can see or smell it. The response from others that this triggers often has a negative impact on the child's self-confidence – and with that, on its development.
Daytime incontinence is a serious issue, which luckily can be actively addressed. The most effective solution depends on the cause of the issue.




The child doesn't sense the bathroom moment The child wets itself during exercise, sneezing, etc.

The child forgets to go to the toilet,

until it is too late




Apollo 24 daytime alarm UnderWunder. Good-looking underwear with a little secret

Toilet moments on a set interval with helpful reminder watch (children)

Reminder watches for adults


The solutions

Urifoon offers various products to tackle the issue of pants-wetting (daytime incontinence):
The Apollo 24 daytime alarm. A discreet, small and lightweight alarm for during the day. When the first drops of urine are detected by the sensor briefs, a discreet alarm goes off to alert the user that they are wetting their pants. This is a highly suitable tool for stimulating the awareness process of the child. At the same time, it "controls the damage". The clothes won't become visibly wet, so the child's surroundings won't see what is going on.

UnderWunder. Fashionable underwear with a little secret. This underwear invisibly absorbs the leaked urine during the day. UnderWunder is washable and durable. UnderWunder doesn't solve the issue of incontinence, but it does give the user back their confidence!

A reminder watch. These special watches can be programmed to have an alarm go off multiple times a day. Depending on the model, this can be up to 12 times a day! Every watch also features a vibrating alarm, so discretion is guaranteed. If the user is taught to go to the bathroom upon every alarm, it significantly reduces the chances of pants-wetting.

Of course, the watch can also be used to remember to do other things, such as taking medication on time. Click here to see the models for adults.

In short, Urifoon also helps if you or your child experience(s) incontinence during the day!