The best solution according to doctors

Using the bedwetting alarm is the best method for helping children, but also adults, with their frustrating problem. This is the conclusion of paediatrician Dr Frank van Leerdam after his doctoral research for the VU University Medical Centre. Immediately after using the bedwetting alarm, between 70% and 90% of bed-wetting children remained dry. Two years later, 70% of them were still dry. Children who wet both pants and bed became dry just as often. 42% of this group also became dry during the day.

Quick results with a bedwetting alarm

When using the bedwetting alarm, a pattern develops within an average of 2 months, in which the child wakes up and goes to the bathroom before it wets the bed. Or, sleeps through the night without wetting the bed. Without treatment, only 15 to 18% of bed-wetters become dry annually.


Bedwetting is the most common psycho-social issue that can be fixed. It should be an important matter for youth health care services. Unfortunately, it is still a taboo subject.
Adults can suffer from bedwetting too. 1 in 200 adults has suffered from bedwetting all their life. Half of them have never consulted a counsellor. Adults who suffer from bedwetting can become very socially isolated. They are often afraid to become involved with someone and dread going on holiday or sleeping somewhere that's not their home.


Van Leerdam was able to rule out previous suggestions for causes, such as that there could be a relationship between bedwetting and urinary tract infections or constipation for 'normal people'. Furthermore, the research showed that bedwetting is not caused by psychological problems, but rather leads to psychological problems, which then disappear after the treatment.

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