Bedwetting alarm kits

A bedwetting alarm kit contains all the products needed for a bedwetting alarm training and you can start right away! You can choose from 4 different bedwetting alarms: The Apollo 24 is the wired solution. Good alarm for the best price. The very child-friendly Mickey bedwetting alarm is especially suitable for children who do not sleep deeply and can be woken up well. The Liberty incorporates the very latest technologies. This very reliable bedwetting alarm offers a choice of 10 alarm signals and has been specially developed for the deep sleeper. For the very deep sleeper, deaf people or those who are afraid of loud noises we recommend the Liberty + wireless vibrating puck. During the bedwetting alarm training we are always ready for you with free expert and personal guidance.

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If you and your child have decided to tackle bedwetting with a bedwetting alarm, then a Uriflex bedwetting alarm kit is an excellent choice!

The bedwetting alarm training is the best way for most children to get rid of the bedwetting. Do you suspect no medical cause underlying the bedwetting and is your child motivated to get rid of the bedwetting? Then the Uriflex bedwetting alarm training is really the best method to teach your child to recognize the stimuli of a full bladder during (deep) sleep.

This means that your child will soon wake up to go to the toilet on time due to the signals of a full bladder. How nice would that be?

Of course we cannot give a 100% guarantee on this result. But we have been providing the Uriflex bedwetting alarm training with expert guidance since 1954 and over 90% of the users are toilet trained within 8 to 12 weeks. We helped over 1.000.000 children to get rid of bedwetting successfully. 


Different bedwetting alarms for different types of sleepers

Our years of experience has taught us that waking up is difficult for many bedwetters. They are sleeping more deeply than their peers who doesn't wet their beds. So they recognize less the different signals during sleep. That is why we offer different types of bedwetting alarms and we can really help every child to get rid of bedwetting.

Uriflex offers the following bedwetting alarms:

  • The Apollo 24 alarm. This is a very easy and wired alarm which can be clipped to the pyjama and own underwear. The alarm can be sound, vibration or a combination of both. A good solution for the best price. 
  • The Mickey bedwetting alarm. The Mickey is a wireless, very child-friendly and the most sold bedwetting alarm. Can your child wakes up well from a normal alarm clock? The Mickey is the best choice. 
  • The Liberty bedwetting alarm. This is the latest bedwetting alarm based on the very latest technologies. Super reliable, wireless, rechargable battery and easy to use. Specially developed for children who need some extra help to wake up. The Liberty bedwetting alarm offers 10 different alarm tones and the volume is adjustable. Some studies show that it may be wise to change the alarm signal during training from time to time. The Liberty offers this possibility. In addition, the transmitter is super flat and therefore very comfortable. 
  • The Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating puck. The Liberty with vibrating puck is very suitable for children who are really very difficult to wake up or who are afraid of loud noises. Because of the wireless vibrating element something happens in bed that your child does not know. The puck vibrates intens and actually wakes every child. It is also possible to train with the vibrating element only and the parents can use the sound alarm in their bedroom. The vibrating element is of course also the solution for deaf and hard of hearing children. 


Insurance reimbursement?

It depends per country and also per insurance company but it is always wise to check your possibilities for a reimbursement.