The success of Urifoon

We have been offering the bedwetting alarm training in the Netherlands since 1954. Since then, our bedwetting alarms have helped tens of thousands of children. That experience has led to the expert personal guidance that we can provide today. 

We receive enthusiastic reactions from customers almost every day, because bedwetting is finally a thing of the past for them. People commonly mention 4 particular reasons for being positive about Urifoon:

1. The result: No more wetting the bed

The most important part! People are so enthusiastic about Urifoon because we helped them to put an end to the bedwetting. That means one less thing to worry about, for both the parents and the child.

2. The personal guidance

Training with the bedwetting alarm is an intense time for both the parents and the child. Everyone really wants the bedwetting to stop. Many people consider having the option of support by telephone very useful and helpful. 

3. The quality of the bedwetting alarm

No matter which bedwetting alarm of our selection is chosen, it will be very easy to use, extremely reliable and functional. It works when it needs to. And the alarm will definitely be loud enough to wake up from.

4. The sensor briefs

The user of the bedwetting alarm doesn't feel like they are a patient. And they don't have to wear something that looks and feels like a diaper at night. Our sensor briefs look almost exactly like regular underwear. As a result, they won't make the user feel uneasy. The sensor briefs are available in all standard dress sizes.