The bedwetting alarm training

When it's bedtime, your child will put on its Urifoon sensor briefs.

Step 1. The briefs are connected to the Urifoon bedwetting alarm by clicking the transmitter onto the briefs. With the non-wireless bedwetting alarms, the connection is made using a connection cable.

Step 2. As soon as the first drops of urine reach the sensor briefs, the alarm will go off. Your child will wake up and, in a reflex, the sphincter of the bladder will close. This precisely-timed moment of waking up strengthens the sphincter which is likely relaxed. Additionally, it strengthens the signal that the full bladder transmits to the brain.

Step 3. Remove the transmitter from the briefs, switch off the alarm and take your child to the bathroom to empty its bladder. It is important that your child is really awake and aware of going to the bathroom. After going the bathroom, your child can put on some clean sensor briefs, you reattach the transmitter and then your child can go back to sleep.

Step 4. In the morning, you write down the results of that night together with your child and discuss the progress. Positive developments will be visible within a few weeks! 

Maintain your regular routines!

It is important that your child undergoes the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training under normal circumstances. Therefore, do not:
* wake your child up to go to the bathroom yourself
* restrict the amount your child drinks before bedtime, or
* use diapers or nappy pants.