The bedwetting alarm kit against bedwetting

When undergoing the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training, you will receive the following:

  1. The Urifoon bedwetting alarm

    Urifoon has the widest selection of bedwetting alarms, you can even choose from wireless bedwetting alarms with an acoustic or vibrating alarm, to have optimal comfort. You can select the intensity of the alarm depending on the wake-up threshold of your child. This alarm goes off when the first drops of urine are detected by the Urifoon briefs.

  2. The Urifoon briefs with moisture sensor

    These look like normal briefs, but they have a special urine detection sensor incorporated into them. Additionally, the briefs have two snap buttons under the elastic band for contact with the alarm.
    The Urifoon sensor briefs are available in the sizes 104 to 176, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Larger sizes are available upon request. Of course, the briefs are different for boys and girls.
    The washing instructions are always included with the sensor briefs.

  3. The score card (click here for an example)

    The score card is an important part of the unique personal guidance that only Urifoon offers.
    Users of the bedwetting alarm write down last night's results on the form in the morning. By doing this, they can earn points. A maximum of 49 points can be earned per week. The training is successful if you score at least 35 points for three consecutive weeks. If that is the case, you can end the bedwetting alarm training. If the user still hasn't wet the bed 2 weeks after stopping with the alarm, the training is completed.

  4. Tailored support during the training

    When you send a fully completed score card to Urifoon, we analyse the results. If you would like it, you can contact us by phone 2 days after the submission to receive tailored support during the training process.

Our personal guidance is free of charge and therefore only accessible to relations who are registered with us. Do you have a bedwetting alarm of another brand, or a used bedwetting alarm of ours? Then we would like to offer the same personal guidance. Only in that case you have to call 0900 - 2337527736 (60 cents per minute).


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