Sensor briefs

No matter whether you are buying or renting a bedwetting alarm, each Urifoon bedwetting alarm needs the dedicated sensor briefs. For hygienic reasons, those can only be purchased.

Why the dedicated sensor briefs and not just my own?

For an effective and successful training, it is important that the first drops of urine are detected, which trigger the alarm. The user must learn to recognise that bathroom moment while sleeping.

Our sensor briefs look like normal underwear, but have a large area that monitors urine leakage. The solutions that can be used in combination with your own underwear monitor a much smaller area (click here for further explanation). This is a big disadvantage, especially for boys. It diminishes the effect of the training and increases the chances of prematurely ending the training.

Our sensor briefs are regular briefs 

Many who use the bedwetting alarm are fed up with diapers or anything that resembles that. It's time to start using regular underwear while sleeping too. That is why our sensor briefs look like regular briefs (boxer briefs). However, special sensor wires have been incorporated into them. To attach the wireless transmitter, two snap buttons are located under the elastic band of the briefs.

Available in all sizes

The Urifoon sensor briefs are available in the sizes 104 to 176, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Consult our size chart to determine which size fits best. Sizes larger than XXL are optionally available upon request.

Of course, the briefs are different for boys and girls. After all, the physique of boys and girls is also different. And the point is that the first drops of urine are detected quickly, to trigger the alarm. Remarkably enough, Urifoon is the only bedwetting alarm supplier for this.


The sensor briefs have special sensor wires incorporated into them for detecting urine. That's why it is very important to follow the washing instructions closely. All sensor briefs come with these washing instructions, otherwise click here for new washing instructions.

Failure to observe the washing instructions correctly affects the quality and operating life of the sensor briefs. That is why 3 months is the maximum warranty period that we can give on the sensor briefs.