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The score card is an important part of effectively tackling bedwetting and the unique personal guidance that only Urifoon offers. Updating the score card daily proves to stimulate most children a lot, and it helps us to provide you with tailored guidance, should you want this.

49 reward points per week

Users of the bedwetting alarm write down last night's results on the form in the morning. By doing this, they can earn reward points and get to add a sticker each day. Even after nights with an 'accident'. After all, that is already disappointing enough in its own.

With our reward system, a maximum of 49 points can be earned per week. 49 points means that the user woke up in time to go to the bathroom on their own every night. Proof that they really are potty-trained!

If the user stops needing to go to the bathroom entirely during the night, 5 points per night (so 35 points per week) can be earned. If the user scores at least 35 points for three consecutive weeks, the training with the bedwetting alarm can be ended. Because that means that the user did not wet the bed any of those nights, but instead woke up in time on their own or even slept through the night dry. If the user still hasn't wet the bed 2 weeks after stopping with the alarm, the training is successful and completed.

Support with the help of the score card

When you send a fully completed score card to Urifoon, we analyse the results and can give you tailored support during the training. This shortens the duration of the training and increases the success rate!

Our personal guidance is only accessible to relations who are registered with us.


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