The duration of the training takes about 8-12 weeks

By using the Urifoon bedwetting alarm every night, the user will already wake up on their own and in time after a few weeks. And very quickly, it will no longer be necessary to change the bed because it has become wet.

Training with the bedwetting alarm takes less than 3 months

On average, training with a bedwetting alarm to tackle bedwetting takes about 2 to 3 months. The final result and the time needed to become completely dry every night depends on a number of critical factors.

Examples are:
  • It is important that your child is motivated to end the bedwetting. 
  • It is essential that your child immediately responds to the first signal of the bedwetting alarm by waking up and consciously going to the bathroom. It should not be half asleep when going to the bathroom.
  • If the child sleeps through the alarm, a parent or caregiver should immediately wake the child. That is why it is good that you sleep close to your child to see if everything is going well, especially during the first few days.
  • The training should be continued uninterruptedly until the desired result is achieved.

If no visible progress has been made after 2 weeks, we ask that you contact us. Together with you, we will evaluate the progress of the training and then advise you on how you can achieve the desired result.


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