Bedwetting alarm training

Since 1954, Urifoon has specialised in dry bed training by using the bedwetting alarm as a means to cure bedwetting. Since then, thousands of children have been freed from this inconvenient issue.

The success of Urifoon

The success of the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training in curing bedwetting lies in the quality of our products, combined with our personal professional guidance. Because almost all our products are developed and produced in the Netherlands, we can quickly respond to the wishes of our users. We offer a wide range of bedwetting alarms with varying applications, so that any user can effectively cure their bedwetting.

Only Urifoon offers such a wide range of bedwetting alarms that you can rent or buy!

Carefully thought-through products

Urifoon bedwetting alarms are made of strong materials in which the alarm system is installed in a good and safe manner. It can't be opened by children. Thanks to their shape and design, the bedwetting alarms are easy to clean and fit easily next to any bed.
The dedicated Urifoon briefs are unique. They are regular briefs, only Urifoon has incorporated a special moisture sensor. The pants can be washed normally according to the provided washing instructions and are available in the most common dress sizes for both boys and girls.


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