Apollo 24 daytime alarm and 2 sensor briefs
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The smallest and most lightweight alarm for during the day together with 2 pairs of sensor briefs. Ensuring a discreet and effective training.
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NEW! The Apollo 24 is the smallest and most lightweight alarm for during the day! That is why it is also very practical for children. The Apollo 24 can be used very discreetly due to the different alarm possibilities: sound, vibration or a combination of both.

The acoustic alarm has 3 levels: soft, medium and loud volume.

And the vibration alarm is easily felt.

The Apollo 24 is battery-powered. It has a light to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

This kit contains the Apollo 24 daytime alarm, a cable with 2 snap buttons and 2 pairs of sensor briefs. The cable with the snap buttons connects the Apollo 24 with the sensor briefs. These sensor briefs are the same briefs as the ones used for the bedwetting alarm at night.

Extra convenient!

It is also possible to use the Apollo 24 in combination with regular underwear, should the sensor briefs be wet or in the laundry. For this purpose, a connection cable with a blue clip is always included in the kit.

In order to create a large sensor range, like with the dedicated sensor briefs, in the regular underwear, we have developed Dry-Mate. This is a paper sensor insert which can easily be inserted into the regular underwear. The Apollo 24 is connected to the insert using the cable with orange clip. This way, the sensor range will be just as large as that of the sensor briefs. But then in your own underwear.

Every Apollo 24 comes standard with 2 paper inserts, so you can experience the benefits of the inserts for yourself. These Dry-Mate inserts can also be reordered in packs of 25.

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