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daytime alarm basic & 25 inserts

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A new and unique combination!

The Apollo 24 in combination with the paper sensor inserts, which can be used in the regular underwear.

The Apollo 24 is the smallest and most lightweight alarm for during the day! That is why it is also very practical for children. The Apollo 24 can be used very discreetly due to the different alarm possibilities: sound, vibration or a combination of both. The acoustic alarm has 3 levels: soft, medium and loud volume. And the vibration alarm is easily felt.

The Apollo 24 is battery-powered. It has a light to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

Dry-Mate: The paper sensor insert

For an effective training, it is important that the alarm is triggered upon the first drops of urine. The training is all about learning to sense this bathroom moment. The paper sensor insert "guards" about 200 cm² in the regular underwear. As soon as urine is detected anywhere in this area, an alarm is triggered. This effective approach allows for quick progress and allows accidents to be under control soon.

Other advantages of the Dry-Mate paper sensor insert are:

  • Easy to insert into the regular underwear and easy to change
  • The inserts don't leak, so if the user responds to the alarm quickly, there is no need to change the underwear
  • Less laundry, because the wet insert is thrown out 
  • Very easy to use!

This pack contains 25 inserts. The inserts can be reordered in packs of 25.