Apollo 24 alarm basic which can be used at night or during the day
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The smallest and most lightweighted alarm which can be used at night or during the day. The Apollo 24 trains the user by giving off an adjustable and discreet alarm when it detects urine leakage.
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NEW! The Apollo 24 is the smallest and most lightweight alarm for during the day! That is why it is also very practical for children. The Apollo 24 can be used very discreetly due to the different alarm possibilities: sound, vibration or a combination of both.

The acoustic alarm has 3 levels: soft, medium and loud volume.

And the vibration alarm is easily felt.

The Apollo 24 is battery-powered. It has a light to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

This basic kit includes:

  • 1 connection cable with blue clip to attach to your own underwear
  • As introduction, 2 moisture absorbing sensor inserts. These discover urine leakage much faster than when the blue clip is used on your own underwear.
  • 1 connection cable with orange clip for using the moisture-absorbing sensor inserts
  • 1 battery type CR2450
  • 1 screwdriver for inserting the battery 
  • 1 manual


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